Starting The Blog, Woo!

New Website Comic


My website is finally starting to come together! I’m eager to start blogging about things, so we set it up before the custom theme stuff is ready. I haven’t had a blog in years other than my deviantART journal. I never wanted to talk about things other than my art on there, so this will be an interesting experience in being able to branch out.

A little introduction, perhaps? My name is Elise Le Blanc and I’m from Australia. I’ve studied game development and now I’m continuing my learning with writing (mostly creative, though I’ve studied journalism and some other media writing too). I call myself an artist, and I’m starting to call myself a writer as well.

The plan at the moment is to have this website as sort of a hub for all of my stuff online. I’ll blog about myself and the things that I care about, such as art and games and writing. I’ve been wanting to make more of a “niche” website, but I think it will be easier to do it this way first. If I find myself blogging about one particular topic enough, and it has a good response, I can spin it off into its own thing.

If you have any suggestions for the blog or the website in general, leave a reply and let me know! :D


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