Working on something…

So we’ve been working on a little game this month that’s moving along nicely. I don’t know how much I should or shouldn’t say about it yet, but I do want to share a bit of the concept art!

Farm Well


I guess I can say it’s a hidden object style game, with puzzles and everything. I’m working on it all the time around my homework and YouTube stuff, and Alex is working on it when he isn’t working on Deathspuds with Josh.

I’ve been playing a lot of hidden object games recently, and I used to think they were boring. After playing a bunch of them I’ve realised that they are very similar to point and click games (which I like). Just, you know, without the item combining and dialogue choices.. and of course with the hidden object bit. So yeah, it seemed like a good idea to make one!

I haven’t done a lot of environment drawing in the past. So it’s challenging to do this project. I do want to improve my drawing beyond just drawing characters though, so this is kind of a really good learning opportunity!

I’ll be sharing more of the art as we progress. :D



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