We Made A Game!



We’ve been working on a small game for about a week, and it’s basically finished now. Just got to get some friends to play test it for bugs and fiddle with some more sounds.

It’s called The Very Organised Thief!

Alex did all the programming, and we both did some art. It’s in 3D and is super low poly and simple in its art style, because we wanted to simulate the feeling of older games.
It was super fun to do and we’re planning to do some more like it! We have a lot of big game ideas that we really want to do but tackling them head on hasn’t been easy (since it’s just the two of us usually), so we think working towards them through these smaller ideas is the best way to go about it.

I’ve drawn a bit of concept/promotional art for the game, with my usual speed art video to accompany it. So expect to both the game and my arty thing soon. :D

Also, I’m getting myself more scheduled and organised now. So hopefully I can create more art and more blog posts and what not… more regularly. :P

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