We Made a Game, and IT WAS GREAT!

Well, it went well at least. :)

Our game, The Very Organised Thief, was released at the beginning-ish of last month. It’s now December, and we’ve had such an amazing response to our game!

The Very Organised Thief got lots of plays, Let’s Play videos (including a few big YouTubers), some cool reviews, a high rating on indieDB, a feature on GameJolt and lots and lots of awesome feedback!

It’s not life changing, but it’s more than we were expecting for sure! We weren’t sure what to expect… but we’re super grateful that everyone liked the game. :D We’re also super excited to begin our next game! We’ve been talking about the next game for a while now, and I’ve started on the art assets already. Yaay!

So that will be happening all December for us. Oh, we did take the time to make a fun Christmas themed version of The Very Organised Thief though! That was fun. :) It should only be available every December. :P

Something else I wanted to try and do this month was to release a new video every week. That um,  almost happened. XD My average has been about two a month previously, so I’ll at least try for three a month. If I CAN keep to a drawing video a week, maybe I’ll do a bit of vlogging or something in addition to that… not sure if people would be interested in that, but it’s worth a try anywho! I’ll also try and do some more game vids, cause those are fun. :)

In other related news I might start livestreaming… I’m not sure if it will work on our current Internet speed though. I’m going to do some tests, haha. If it works out, I want to start doing drawing requests over livestream. That would be fun! :) Worse case is I have to wait on that dream until we can get really good Internet (which is probably the case). xD

Anyway that’s enough rambling. :)

Have an awesome Christmas/Holidays and a cool New Year, woo!




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