April Updates

Hey guys!

So I just wanted to write a blog post talking a bit more about what’s going on lately.

In the last blog post I mentioned that I got a new job. It’s not game or art related, just some data entry and talking on the phone type stuff. It’s a nice job but nothing fancy. :)

I was hoping that I’d still be able to do two videos a month, but that’s proving difficult at the current quality level I’m trying to work at. Those extra days taken up by my new job really slow things down, as you’d expect. It’s taking me longer to adjust than I thought! Oh well. D:

I’ll try to make ONE really good artwork where I push myself to make it really awesome, but also do a few quick ones that only take me a day or two to finish up. Kinda still in the thought phase of how this will all go, so I’m just thinking out loud, really. :P Just wanted to post it to try and motivate myself to actually DO it!

In addition to that, as I’ve mentioned here and there, I want to do some Lets Play stuff. I’ve done a few before, where I was recording multiplayer games with my friends. If I don’t try and get too fancy with the editing, those shouldn’t take too long to make. In theory. Again, thinking out loud here. If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them. :D

At least I’m posting on the blog more often! Yay!

To end this blog post, here’s the April Update video I made! It includes a sneak peek at the next art piece I’m working on:

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