May Updates

This month has been CRAZY!

The main things that have been taking up our time have been the new game release around the corner (more info on that when we release it! ;D ), and the crowdfund for The Very Organised Thief around the corner. Everything is just around the corner! So close! So terrifying! But also really, really exciting. If you want to know more about all of our game making shenanigans, please check out our website: 

In YouTube news, I have about two videos that are half done. They’ve been put on hold while all this craziness goes on, but I’m hoping I can find a few spare hours to finish putting them together. I need to upload SOMETHING to YouTube… I feel really sad when I’m unable to put a video up for this long! I wanted to start posting to a regular schedule, as I mentioned previously, but busy-ness got in the way. Hopefully when things start calming down I can get back to the original plan!

Anyway, that’s it. Just a quick update post to let people know I’m not dead and that I haven’t forgotten you! I’ve just been super busy. XD

~ Elise.


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