October Update

Hello everyone!

Since the last update post we released The Maze Keeper of Doom quietly into the world, then began on a revamp of The Very Organized Thief. With all the busy busy-ness, I sort of fell off the internet for a while. Since the re-release of TVOThief seems right around the corner (and maybe a Kickstarter), it’s high time I climbed back on! Check out the developer diaries for TVOThief if you want to know more about that. :)

I guess I didn’t fall all the way off the internet, because I have been posting some random sketches on my Tumblr. Here’s an example! :D


These two Post It note sketches were made in some spare moments at work, like while I’m waiting on hold over the phone. It’s Kim’s Minecraft character from the Yogscast and a ‘Honeydew Melon’ ;). I hope I can create little sketches like this regularly, because it helps me feel like I’m not letting my drawing skills go rusty while I’m doing my ‘day job.’ I leave them stuck up on the wall next to my desk at work. :D Livens the place up.

Also posted to Tumblr was a ‘Lava, in the Drum’ sketch with DJH3Max from HatFilms. It is in the process of being turned into a proper drawing right now! Yaay!

In other news, Alex has been fixing up our websites. He’s designed a new layout for mine. I’m pretty excited for it! Not sure when it will go live, but hopefully soonish. :)

Another thing that Alex helped me add to my website was some auto sharing stuff for my social media. Posts I make to my website should share to my Tumblr and twitter and G+ I think. Hopefully that works well! :D This post will be the first time I test it out, so if anything seems wonky, sorry about that.

Anyway I think that’s enough of an update for now. I’ll try to do these more regularly! I figured out how to write these on my phone once again, so that should speed things up. :P We’ll see how I go. Hopefully they’ll also get more interesting!


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