Is It Still January If We Are 2 Weeks Into February?? – Adventure Zelda drawing!

I missed my January post. -_-;

I did draw something during January though! And here it is:

I’ve been exited for the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. So I decided to draw an alternative Zelda design. It was fun! I might do some more in the future, either of Zelda or maybe other characters from the series. :)

I did record drawing this, so I should have a video out soon.

Also, I plan to make a new post/art/video combo still to come out for February. Just because this one is late doesn’t mean I’m going to give up! Nope. I’m going to keep pushing forward to trying to get out regular content.

Making games and working a day job keeps me busy, but I still want to do this. I want to make fun art and videos for people to enjoy! So I’ll keep going until I finally manage to get it right. :D





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