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October Update

Hello everyone!

Since the last update post we released The Maze Keeper of Doom quietly into the world, then began on a revamp of The Very Organized Thief. With all the busy busy-ness, I sort of fell off the internet for a while. Since the re-release of TVOThief seems right around the corner (and maybe a Kickstarter), it’s high time I climbed back on! Check out the developer diaries for TVOThief if you want to know more about that. :)

I guess I didn’t fall all the way off the internet, because I have been posting some random sketches on my Tumblr. Here’s an example! :D


These two Post It note sketches were made in some spare moments at work, like while I’m waiting on hold over the phone. It’s Kim’s Minecraft character from the Yogscast and a ‘Honeydew Melon’ ;). I hope I can create little sketches like this regularly, because it helps me feel like I’m not letting my drawing skills go rusty while I’m doing my ‘day job.’ I leave them stuck up on the wall next to my desk at work. :D Livens the place up.

Also posted to Tumblr was a ‘Lava, in the Drum’ sketch with DJH3Max from HatFilms. It is in the process of being turned into a proper drawing right now! Yaay!

In other news, Alex has been fixing up our websites. He’s designed a new layout for mine. I’m pretty excited for it! Not sure when it will go live, but hopefully soonish. :)

Another thing that Alex helped me add to my website was some auto sharing stuff for my social media. Posts I make to my website should share to my Tumblr and twitter and G+ I think. Hopefully that works well! :D This post will be the first time I test it out, so if anything seems wonky, sorry about that.

Anyway I think that’s enough of an update for now. I’ll try to do these more regularly! I figured out how to write these on my phone once again, so that should speed things up. :P We’ll see how I go. Hopefully they’ll also get more interesting!


We Made a Game, and IT WAS GREAT!

Well, it went well at least. :)

Our game, The Very Organised Thief, was released at the beginning-ish of last month. It’s now December, and we’ve had such an amazing response to our game!

The Very Organised Thief got lots of plays, Let’s Play videos (including a few big YouTubers), some cool reviews, a high rating on indieDB, a feature on GameJolt and lots and lots of awesome feedback!

It’s not life changing, but it’s more than we were expecting for sure! We weren’t sure what to expect… but we’re super grateful that everyone liked the game. :D We’re also super excited to begin our next game! We’ve been talking about the next game for a while now, and I’ve started on the art assets already. Yaay!

So that will be happening all December for us. Oh, we did take the time to make a fun Christmas themed version of The Very Organised Thief though! That was fun. :) It should only be available every December. :P

Something else I wanted to try and do this month was to release a new video every week. That um,  almost happened. XD My average has been about two a month previously, so I’ll at least try for three a month. If I CAN keep to a drawing video a week, maybe I’ll do a bit of vlogging or something in addition to that… not sure if people would be interested in that, but it’s worth a try anywho! I’ll also try and do some more game vids, cause those are fun. :)

In other related news I might start livestreaming… I’m not sure if it will work on our current Internet speed though. I’m going to do some tests, haha. If it works out, I want to start doing drawing requests over livestream. That would be fun! :) Worse case is I have to wait on that dream until we can get really good Internet (which is probably the case). xD

Anyway that’s enough rambling. :)

Have an awesome Christmas/Holidays and a cool New Year, woo!




We Made A Game!



We’ve been working on a small game for about a week, and it’s basically finished now. Just got to get some friends to play test it for bugs and fiddle with some more sounds.

It’s called The Very Organised Thief!

Alex did all the programming, and we both did some art. It’s in 3D and is super low poly and simple in its art style, because we wanted to simulate the feeling of older games.
It was super fun to do and we’re planning to do some more like it! We have a lot of big game ideas that we really want to do but tackling them head on hasn’t been easy (since it’s just the two of us usually), so we think working towards them through these smaller ideas is the best way to go about it.

I’ve drawn a bit of concept/promotional art for the game, with my usual speed art video to accompany it. So expect to both the game and my arty thing soon. :D

Also, I’m getting myself more scheduled and organised now. So hopefully I can create more art and more blog posts and what not… more regularly. :P

Character Art Update

It’s April! Easter has passed, and I’ve eaten way too much chocolate. Time for an update!

I think I’ll be opening up commissions soon. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, so I’ll set up a page with the details for it soon. I’ll still do some requests, but commissions will just mean you can be really specific in what you want me to draw. :D

Anyway, here is some of the art I’ve been working on lately:


This art features characters from the hidden object game I was talking about in a previous post. Just lines at the moment, which still need some tweaking, but I’m happy with how they’re turning out so far.

The game is coming along nicely, and you can check out one of the more-close-to-complete art pieces over at Alex’s blog. (Just scroll down towards the end of the post and you’ll see it!) I did the lines and Alex did the colouring in. :P I think the core game stuff is done now, we just need to finish the art and put the puzzles in! That will still take a little while, but yeah, feels like we’re getting somewhere. :D

What else? I completed a few fan art drawings since my last post, which you can check out on the art page (and the video page, I made drawing videos for them too!). Sips and Sjin from the Yogscast, and one of KPopp! KPopp really liked it, which is amazing. We’re talking about putting the art onto a t-shirt. I’ve never had my art on a shirt before! Hurray! I hope it works out!

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts on art commissions and stuff. Would you like to commission me? Why/why not? Or do you have some advice? Let me know. :D


Working on something…

So we’ve been working on a little game this month that’s moving along nicely. I don’t know how much I should or shouldn’t say about it yet, but I do want to share a bit of the concept art!

Farm Well


I guess I can say it’s a hidden object style game, with puzzles and everything. I’m working on it all the time around my homework and YouTube stuff, and Alex is working on it when he isn’t working on Deathspuds with Josh.

I’ve been playing a lot of hidden object games recently, and I used to think they were boring. After playing a bunch of them I’ve realised that they are very similar to point and click games (which I like). Just, you know, without the item combining and dialogue choices.. and of course with the hidden object bit. So yeah, it seemed like a good idea to make one!

I haven’t done a lot of environment drawing in the past. So it’s challenging to do this project. I do want to improve my drawing beyond just drawing characters though, so this is kind of a really good learning opportunity!

I’ll be sharing more of the art as we progress. :D



Killing Floor

Ash Harding, Killing Floor


Hello, all! It probably doesn’t seem like it, but I do enjoy playing shooters occasionally. I usually prefer it when playing with friends. Lately, my favourite shooter has been Killing Floor! If you don’t know what Killing Floor is about, it is a co-op zombie shooter. The aim is to try and survive with your friends against hordes of zombies! It’s really fun, and I would definitely recommend it.

So I’ve created a drawing of Ash Harding, a character you can play in the game. It could be one of the best ones I’ve done so far, I think! What do you think? If you want, you can see a video of it being drawn in the video section.

Also, I made a gameplay video! It isn’t listed in the video section, at least not at the moment, but it is on my YouTube account, titled “Alone and Scared.” It’s about a funny, scary, thing that happened while we were playing the game. I’ll warn you now that there is a fair amount of screaming involved! I’ll probably make some more videos like that one soon. Feedback is appreciated!


Later guys!